Touch Up Policy

Touch Up Policy

All tattoos will include a non negotiable $20 supply fee.

Touch ups are $35 plus tax*. * Excludes touch ups for hands, fingers, face, neck, and feet.

 A separate waiver and policy/fee apply. Touch ups must be done within THREE MONTHS from the day of being tattooed. Touch ups are to be scheduled during business hours Monday to Friday only. If the tattoo artist has moved on from our shop, we will forward you a contact number to get in touch with the artist that did your tattoo.                 


 Tattoos placed on Hands, Fingers, Necks, Faces and Feet can be prone to fading and fallout more so than tattoos applied to other areas of the body.Touch ups for these areas are excluded from our regular touch up policy and fees. Touch ups for these areas are to be done at your artist’s regular hourly rate.

The skin on the mentioned areas is more delicate than other areas of the body. Hands and fingers in particular are very prone to fall out and fading. The skin on these areas is more delicate and regenerates faster, causing ink to fall out. Fine line designs especially are almost guaranteed to fall out. Bigger/ Darker designs may last longer. Your artist will be able to provide more details for your particular situation and skin. Tattoos in these areas may need multiple touch ups throughout your lifetime.

Before tattooing these areas you will be required to sign a document, that you acknowledge and understand the limitations and risks for tattoos placed in the above mentioned areas. You also agree that the touch up policy of the artist’s regular hourly rate will apply.

If you are in disagreement with this policy, we will not be able to proceed with your tattoo and your deposit (if applicable) will be forfeited.

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