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How do I book a tattoo appointment?

The first step to booking with us is to have your ideas prepared! Call or message us.  You can bring/send in your own drawing, any pictures from the internet, or just a thought in your head. The more the better, that way the front end staff can recommend an artist for you, if you haven’t already. Depending on the piece, we can talk with the artist for you and get a rough estimate then book you in. Sometimes the artist needs a consultation beforehand, to get a better idea of what you’re after and discuss the piece in person.

You can also request a specific artist if you like their style. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the artists directly! They can help you out as well and go over ideas/estimates with you.  If you go this route, you will then need to contact the shop to book the appointment.

How do I book a consultation?

You can call or message us anytime. If you already know which artist you have in mind, let us know and we can give you their availability. If not, you can send pictures or give us a brief description of the tattoo and we can book you with an artist we think would best fit the piece. Consults are free. You guys can talk about your ideas, get some measurements if need be and come up with a cohesive plan. If you decide to book, a deposit is required first to hold the spot. Once a deposit is put down, then your artist can start drawings as well. Consults are a great way to meet your artist in person and check out the shop overall. We encourage consults so that your artist can be prepared for you.

I am ready to book, how do I do this?

Fantastic, you are ready to book your tattoo! If you have been in contact with an artist directly, call or message the shop and front end will book you in. Your artist should tell you how long you will need so we can book it in for the correct amount of time. From there all of the deposit information can be sent to you, so you can E-Transfer a deposit: or you can come by the shop to put one down. If the front end has helped you by speaking with the artist for you, you will know the time as well, from there we will book you in.

Do you offer cosmetic tattooing?

We also offer cosmetic tattoos! There are 4 very talented professionals that can help you with Scalpel Micro-Pigmentation, Lip Blush, Ombre Eyebrows, Freckles and Eyeliner. If you want to correct or change up your look, cosmetic tattoos are the way to go. These are very natural enhancements to clean up your look and boost confidence. A consultation is required before any procedure, so you and your artist can review the process and plan the best way to help you out.

Do you need an appointment?

Appointments are strongly encouraged especially for large or custom pieces. Many clients’ book appointments, this ensures they get the artist and time they want. We always welcome walk-ins when there is availability. If you really need a particular artist, day or time, it is best to book an appointment.

Do they hurt?

Yes, no, maybe. The experience is different for each person. Mild to moderate discomfort can usually be expected. The only way to know is to experience it for yourself!

What is your shop rate?

$110-$175 per hour depending on which artist you choose. Supply fee for all services is $20

Do you take walk-ins?

We welcome walk-ins when there is availability. To avoid disappointment, please give the shop a call ahead of time so we can let you know in real time our walk in availability. *Please note while COVID restrictions are in place we are by appointment ONLY, call or message ahead first!*

How can I prepare for my tattoo?

In order to have the best possible experience on the day of your tattoo, please consider the following suggestions;

Eat a good and healthy meal beforehand

Ensure you are well hydrated

Get plenty of rest the night before

Take care of your skin in the days and weeks leading up to your appointment. We will not tattoo you if you have sun burnt or broken skin

Avoid drugs and alcohol 24 hours BEFORE your appointment

Shower before your appointment. If the area of your tattoo needs to be shaved, your artist will do that for you during your appointment

Wear clean, comfortable, and loose fitting clothes

Do you do cover-ups?

Yes! We have several artists that specialize in cover-ups. It is always a good idea to book a consultation so your artist can discuss your design ideas and evaluate your existing work

Can you tattoo over a scar?

In most cases, yes. It is best to come in for a consultation with your artist so they can see your skin and go over expectations and finer points for what will work for your particular situation

Can I bring my own design?

Yes. Your artist may have to rework elements of your design to ensure the best quality tattoo for you.

Can I be tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. We will not tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor for when it is safe for you to get a tattoo after a pregnancy or when you have finished nursing.

Do I need to leave a deposit?

When you book an appointment, that time is reserved just for you. Leaving a deposit ensures you are serious about the work you are about to have done. No art work will be started unless a deposit has been given. Deposit amount will be based on the number of hours you are booked for and credited towards your final total. Should you cancel without 72 hours notice or no show for your appointment, your deposit is forfeited. Your deposit covers the cost of time that could have been used for other clients that are waiting for an appointment. Deposits are non-refundable. If we have not received your deposit within 24 hours of making your appointment, you will be removed from the schedule to allow for other bookings.

What is your cancellation policy?

Minimum 72 hours notice is required to cancel or rebook your appointment. Your deposit will be forfeited and a new one required if you would like to book a new appointment if you do not provide enough notice.

Do you do consultations?

Yes! Consultations are free and are strongly recommended for custom work, larger pieces and cover-ups. Your artist will go over your ideas with you and provide you will a time estimate for the work. Please call the shop to set up a consultation with your artist.

What is your touch up policy?

Touch ups are $35 plus tax, within 3 MONTHS of the original appointment date.

After 3 months, touch ups are at the hourly rate of your artist. Touch ups must be done by the artist that did the tattoo.

Touch ups are to be booked Monday – Friday ONLY.

When can I see my design?

Your design will be ready for you the day of your appointment.


Small changes to your original design can be made when you get here, if necessary. New concepts and large scale changes on the day of your appointment will result in additional cost and may require a new appointment and/or deposit.

Can I bring my kids/friends/family?

Our shop has a NO MINORS policy to ensure the health and safety of our clients and artists. Additionally, only the person being tattooed is to be in the artist’s booth during your appointment.

How do I choose an artist?

The best way to choose is to carefully review the artist portfolios and see whose work you like best. Our artist offer a wide variety of styles and specialties so it is very likely you will find someone that can make your vision a reality. Schedule a consultation with your chosen artist to discuss your ideas with them in person to make sure they are the right artist for you.

Will you tattoo anyone under 18?

Our age requirement if you are under 18, is 17 years of age. A parent or legal guardian MUST read and sign the waiver with you in person at the shop. No exceptions.

Do you offer day rates?

All artists work at an hourly rate. Occasionally individual artists will offer special promotions. Details will be available on the shop and artist social media pages for specific promotions..

Do you sell aftercare?

We are pleased to offer a selection of custom created, high quality aftercare to our clients. Products are available for purchase at the shop. Please see the aftercare section for specific details on how to use our products

Do you do piercings or sell jewelry?

We currently do not offer piercing services or jewelry.

Can I bring a picnic with me?

No. In order to maintain sanitation in the shop we kindly ask that you do not bring full meals with you to your appointment. A snack or beverage if you need a break is fine. We recommend you have a good meal before coming to your tattoo appointment.

What payments do you accept?

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard

Will you tattoo me if I am drunk and or high or otherwise impaired?

Absolutely not. If you are impaired you will be asked to leave.

We kindly ask all clients to refrain from “recreational” activities for 24 hours PRIOR to your appointment. This is for your wellbeing, comfort, safety. And outcome of your art!

Do you have flash designs available?

Yes! All of our artist have flash designs available. Designs created by a specific artist must be done by that artist. There are also several choices of shop flash that most artists will do. Designs can be found in the shop and on our social media

Do you do custom work?

Yes! All artists would love to create a custom piece just for you. From simple and small to large and extravagant, we have you covered! (literally)

Do you have promotions or special events?

We love to support our city and community! Occasionally we have special events to benefit local causes and organizations. Keep an eye on our site and social media for details about upcoming events and how you can participate.

How do I tip my artist?

Tips are greatly appreciated but not mandatory. Tips can be given in cash or electronic payment during checkout.

What if I have a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition and are not sure if you can be tattooed, ALWAYS check with your doctor first. If they tell you “no “, follow their advice! We will not under any circumstances override your doctor’s orders. You are responsible for your health at all times. Disregarding professional medical advice is not a risk worth taking.

Please let your artist know of any existing medical conditions (diabetes, skin conditions, allergies etc…)

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