Cover Up Tattoos

A tattoo is a big decision, and maybe you did put the time and effort into getting what you wanted, but it didn’t turn out as you expected, or situations changed, and you no longer enjoy the design. You could choose to remove the tattoo, but there is another option available: a cover-up tattoo. By covering up a tattoo, you can turn an unsightly tattoo into a work of art that you are proud to show in public.


Cover up tattoos offered by skilled/seasoned artists and are a way to rework or replace a tattoo on your body. When you have selected a tattoo artist you like, then they will give you the options available for covering up the tattoo you want to be changed. The design of the tattoo you are covering up will often dictate what can be done, particularly when it comes to color options. You can also use a cover-up tattoo to replace a faded tattoo since the dark inks will cover over them quite easily.

How Do Cover Up Tattoos Work?

Cover-up tattoos are not as simple as just applying a new tattoo over top of the old one. When your tattoo was first applied, the inks were deposited into the dermis layer (below the epidermis), at least one millimeter from the surface. When you get a cover-up tattoo, the ink is deposited into the same location, so the ink is going to mix with the old ink. The result is the combination of inks is a different color; a red ink already in your dermis, mixed with a blue ink applied in the cover-up will result in a purple pigment. Darker colors will dominate lighter colors in cover-up work. This means that black is a preferred color in cover-up work, even if most people don’t prefer black all over design. The Tattoo Artist will be able to look at the tattoo you want to be covered up and best decide how to work with the colors and design to make a tattoo you will enjoy.

The Coverup Tattoo Process

The process of doing a cover-up tattoo will begin with the tattoo artist taking a picture and putting it in Photoshop or freehand style. Photoshop allows the artist to design your cover-up easier because the artist can place different designs on top of the existing tattoo. Adding specific settings to the photoshop system. Allowing the design to be mixed with the existing tattoo showing you how the new design and your existing tattoo will blend together. This way, they can outline main features of the tattoo and create a new design that will best cover the entire area. Our Tattoo Artist’s will be able to create interesting patterns and designs to draw attention from the old design, and they can hide the old design as best they can (although dark inks from the old design can show through.) The cover-up tattoo is always going to be larger than the original to ensure it gets fully covered. Old, faded tattoos are easiest to cover up. Bold and dark colors are chosen for a cover-up to provide the best results.
Once you have received a cover-up tattoo, follow all the after care instructions of the tattoo artist to avoid any skin issues, infections, and to ensure the longevity of your cover-up tattoo.

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