BFF Tattoo

Just like on MTV! We know you tell your best friend everything; but this one is best kept a secret.

How does it work?

The ultimate test of friendship! Choose wisely, as the person you come with will be choosing your tattoo. Pick one of the participating artists and come in for a consultation. This step is required, as you will be sitting down with your artist and creating a tattoo for your BFF! You guys will be separated during this part so you won’t know what your friends is picking for you. All designs are up to artist interpretation; you give them your ideas and let them transform it. Come the day of the tattoo, each person will be blindfolded during the session, and both tattoos will be revealed when it’s done!


BFF Tattoos are a flat rate of $500 (plus tax and $20 supply fee per person) so $283.50 per person all in. The size of these tattoos is about 4in by 4in. roughly about 2.5 hours each person. That time includes stenciling, any artist tweaks to the design and tattooing. Remember, this is your best friend, your significant other, family member or enemy…

  • The person getting tattooed will get to pick where their tattoos is placed. Arms/Legs/Back/Chest is allowed. Face/Neck is prohibited.
  • You cannot cover-up any old tattoos. It must be on a clean slate.
  • Day of the tattoo, any changes to the design will not be allowed. The designs will be fully prepared and ready to go. All design choices are made during the consultation.

“Are You Game To Play The Ultimate Tattoo Game Of Chance?”

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